Yikes 2020

So it has been 11 months since I updated this.


Still fat at around 200 lbs

Ran a 50k and 50 mile race though not well’

enjoy running, but would like it more if I was faster.

What do I want to do this year.

  • Sub-25 minute 5k
  • Sub- 50 minute 10 k
  • 1:20 10 miler
  • Sub-2 hour 1/2
  • 4:15 full
  • Another 50k and do well
  • Another JFK 50 and go sub-11
  • Go back to Rob’s camp and not be a whining bitch
  • Maybe Yeti 100.  I’ll know in a week.

How do I get there/ what do I change

  • Change how I eat.  Heathier and PORTION CONTROL
  • Drink less
  • Consistent exercise. Find a plan and stick with it.

I will keep this up as a tracker.

Wish me luck.


So anyway

Since it has been a while lets see what has happened.

Ran marathon, but I may have covered that.

Got a new Grandson – Ellise

Started new(temporary?) job in training.  Not sure yet if I’ll stay

Did pretty well in fall/winter 5ks

Still fat

Got gall Bladder removed and my umbilical hernia fixed

Getting deviated septum fixed and Turbinate reduced

I lost weight after gall bladder surgery(go figure) but not recommend way to lose 10 pounds.

So what is next

Yea, lose more weight

Run trail 1/2 marathon end of April

Run 50k in June

Go to Rob Krar’s camp in July. Maybe, it is pricey

Another 50k later in summer.

JFK 50 miler in fall.  Late November.

We shall see.  Need to get through the stupid outage.  My 19th.

Be seeing you!