First blog post

This is the post excerpt.


Tracking the shit that I do.



Got cleared yesterday to work out again so I did.

Nothing exiting, but better than nothing.

2.5 miles 10:00/mile with walking

Bloody nose as I was warned could happen.  Not much, about 10 mls from right nostril.

Can only get better from here!

So anyway

Since it has been a while lets see what has happened.

Ran marathon, but I may have covered that.

Got a new Grandson – Ellise

Started new(temporary?) job in training.  Not sure yet if I’ll stay

Did pretty well in fall/winter 5ks

Still fat

Got gall Bladder removed and my umbilical hernia fixed

Getting deviated septum fixed and Turbinate reduced

I lost weight after gall bladder surgery(go figure) but not recommend way to lose 10 pounds.

So what is next

Yea, lose more weight

Run trail 1/2 marathon end of April

Run 50k in June

Go to Rob Krar’s camp in July. Maybe, it is pricey

Another 50k later in summer.

JFK 50 miler in fall.  Late November.

We shall see.  Need to get through the stupid outage.  My 19th.

Be seeing you!



NCR Marathon report

Did It!!

Not pretty, but done. 4:46:55 or so.  Shooting for 4:30 with stretch goal of 4:20.

The hotel was great (Hunt Valley Holiday Inn Express) and would stay again. 5 min from parking. Ate 2 servings of oatmeal and coffee

Got to parking with plenty of time, 5 min or so bus ride.  Check in at the school was simple.

Weather:  Freezing at start, around 42 or so at finish. Rain started around mile 23 but was never a factor.

Clothes: Tights, singlet, long sleeve tech, cap, hat and gloves.  Cap came off right away, cycled gloves on and off (need lighter pair of gloves), could have done without tights.

Nice start since the start line is just outside the gym so you never get cold. Thought I started watch, but did not until the bottom of hill at 0.8 mile. Boo.

Everything went ok at the beginning; walked every aid station, gel(SIS) every other one, 4 total.  No physical issues.  Cruised along at around 10 min/mile.  Did NOT look at watch a lot, ran by feel.

Started getting tired around mile 12 and feet started getting cold.  You can see on my splits that at mile 16 things went south and stayed there, 11-12+ min miles and lots of walking. Feet hurt, which is weird since my feet normally do not have issues. Last 6 miles were tough.  Except the last 0.2 which were easy.

Waited a LONG time for the bus, but did not feel like walking up the hill.  Got back to school and they were breaking down the chairs.  I thought that was a bit rude.  They did have soup, but no water that I could see.  Hung out for a bit and got on bus back to car.

Rough drive to Tysons.  Heavy rain and slow traffic.  Various muscle groups complained along the way.  Walking around felt ok, but I was spent.  Another rough drive home.

Sunday felt ok, quads sore for some reason, but did get better.  I could have gone to work Monday with no issues.

Nice experience, would do it again.  It is like doing a training run with a lot of people around.  If you want a marathon with lots of cheering people along the way, NCR is not for you.

Looking to see what to do next.



5 days

So last long-ish run of the plan yesterday.  Planned for 8 got 9.3 because I can’t do math and run and misjudged ho long my little spur had to be to get to 8 at the finish.

It did feel really good though.  No pain or indications that anything is goofy.

A couple of easy runs, a 5 mile walk Thursday(Turkey Trot) and I am done.

10 days

10 days left until the 2018 NCR trail marathon!  I am ready.  I have pretty much stuck to the plan and feel ok.  Did NOT lose the weight, but I am not stressing over that.

So I would like to go under 4:30, which is about 10:15 minutes/mile.  Doable if I just maintain.  Yesterdays 4 miler was at 9:16 and I felt fine.

Obsessively checking the weather.  going to be cold, but I hope not rainy.

Be seeing you


ok, so I know nobody reads this but anyway, here it goes.

  1. Still FAT. 206 or so this morning.
  2. Did ok at the Baltimore run.  #1 something in a crowded 5k and 2:13 in the 1/2.
  3. Covering shift this week so unable to run until Friday.

Sooo. I have signed up for the NCR Marathon in 31 days.  I think I’ll be ok, but I need to focus.  The weekend that was supposed to be my 20 mile run, we’ll be in NYC, so I am not sure if I’ll try to get it in Monday or wait a week.  More follow on that.

As far as still being fat goes.  I eat too much.  Wait a second, have I not said that before.  I do ok, during the day, but gorge myself at night.. Tacos tonight, need to be strong.

I REALLY want to be 195 or less, by Marathon day.